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Aldactone is one of the most reliable and proven remedies on the market. It has been developed to treat several health issues related to low potassium in the bloodstream and the accumulation of liquid in the body tissues. If you need a safe and effective diuretic remedy, you can always buy Aldactone online from our website. The name of the original chemical substance is Spironolactone, which goes by various commercial and generic names. You can find out more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spironolactone.

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Aldactone belongs to the category of prescription medicines, but you do not necessarily have to endure a medical exam if you don’t wish to. At our Aldactone online pharmacy, you can purchase the desired remedy after as little as a conversation with our online consultant. You don’t have to go to hospital anymore, the whole online purchasing procedure will take you no more than 15 minutes. Here, you can purchase reasonably priced drugs that you need in a few clicks. The quality of the produce is guaranteed for both generic and Pfizer Aldactone, so you can choose the price category more convenient for you. Make sure you consult our client support and read all the instructions for the medicine before using it without prescription. Some of the information is available here: https://www.drugs.com/aldactone.html


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Aldactone Pills Information

Aldactone (Spironolactone) is a chemical substance that has a light diuretic function and is more well-known for being an inhibiting agent for male hormones (androgen). These two properties in combination can remedy a variety of conditions related to potassium insufficiency and hormonal disbalance: elevated heart failure, elevated arterial pressure, edema, hair loss in men and many other.


  • Make sure you are not overly sensitive to any of the components of the medication or have allergies to the primary or secondary drug substances.
  • The remedy is not advised for individuals with ill-functioning kidneys, a history of kidney stones or other similar diseases, and elevated potassium in the blood.
  • Aldactone is a hormone-inhibiting remedy, so hormone analyses are recommended prior to the start of intake in order to exclude hormonal disbalance.


The pill is solid and should not be broken or crushed before intake.

Aldactone online pharmacy

What is a Proper Dose?

The right amount of the chemical ought to be determined by your attending physician. The available pill capacities are of 20, 25 and 100 milligrams. The dose that you need to take will depend on the type and severity of your health issue, as well as supplementary drugs you are taking.

The typical daily dose for hormone-related conditions will be of 100-400 milligrams per day, while for edema and diuretic properties it will amount to 100 milligrams divided into several intakes. For hypertension, take 50-100 mg per day.

Potassium deficiency calls for 25-100 milligrams per day.

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Online Aldactone without Prescription

If you are in need of Aldactone because of high arterial pressure, edema or hair loss, you will not necessarily need a hospital visit. Our doctors can consult you online and issue the necessary prescription. You will be able to buy your remedy at an on-land pharmacy as well as online, on our website, under more favorable conditions. You will not need to wait in lines, all you have to do is get a short consultation by phone that will con take up much of your time.
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Aldactone (Spironolactone)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who should take Aldactone?
Aldactone and its analogs are used for a large number of health issues, among which the most frequent are high arterial pressure, edema (accumulation of excessive fluid in the tissues), low potassium count, liver cirrhosis and fibrosis (liver scarring and enlargement) and other secondary conditions. It is often advised to patients who have hereditary baldness or for androgen disbalance in women.

Who cannot take Aldactone?
The intake is not recommended to women in the first trimester of pregnancy, for people with advanced stages of renal deficiency, elevated potassium in the blood and anuria.

Can I order Aldactone online in Canada, New Zealand, the UK or the USA?
Aldactone can be purchased from any country in the world. Our online pharmacy ships produce to any location regardless of the prescription system that exists in that country. You can order your drug at any time, since the service works non-stop.

Can I have Aldactone and alcohol at the same time?
Aldactone is a hormonal agent, so its effectiveness is not affected by alcohol. However, due to the load on liver and kidneys, you may experience dizziness, vertigo, nausea and vomiting. You may also faint if you stand up quickly. Avoid drinking alcohol for a better health state.
Is buying Aldactone on the Internet cheaper than in an on-land pharmacy?
Usually yes, because online pharmacies do not need too much storage space or bear rent expenses. However, very cheap prices can mean that you are dealing with a counterfeit. Make sure you check the pharmacy and make sure you are dealing with good consultants and original drugs and generics.
What should I avoid while taking Aldactone?

During the course, it is recommended to stay away from foods that contain a lot of potassium. Do not take any potassium supplements or other diuretics at the same time.  If you are taking any other medication against elevated blood pressure, make sure you consult a specialist and lower the dosage accordingly.

I am running out of pills. Can I get a quick refill without prescription?

If you have your prescription at hand, you can get a refill at any pharmacy, both online and on-land. However, if you no longer have a valid prescription, choose a pharmacy that provides medical consultations online, so that you can get your refill without additional fuss.

Can I be allergic to Aldactone?

Yes, certain secondary substances that the pill contains can cause allergies. Read the full contents of the pill and make sure you don’t get an allergic reaction before starting the course.

What are the negative effects of Aldactone?

Some people experience GI tract problems like indigestion and diarrhea. Some neurological negative effects include headaches, dizziness. Overdoses or long administration time can result in gynecomastia and erection debility in men.

Customer Reviews

I buy Aldactone for acne for my daughter. Her skin has always been very bad, and it took us a few years to realize that the cause was hormonal. She has been taking this and using cosmetics, and the results are stunning. Any skin problem has an internal cause, I think.

Ramona Allende

I had hep C and after 4 years from contraction, I found my liver in a horrible state (cirrhosis). I took Aldactone in combination with many other drugs, and altogether they have saved me from losing my liver.

Darren H.

A very good blood pressure remedy, especially for older people like myself. I am 68 and my heart works evenly every day, it makes me happy.

Janet K.

Used it for edema of the right foot, diabetic 2 type. Worked perfectly, but I had my doses carefully monitored by my doctor, and I advise everyone to do the same.


One of the softest drugs for elevated BP I have ever tried. Very slight headache at the beginning, but then everything was very smooth. I am not at the age when I can take risks, so I wanted to choose the med that will not harm my health. And it was the right choice.


Unlike many people who take Aldactone, I started taking it against hair loss. I was devastated by the fact I was balding faster than all of my friends, and I wanted to do something about it. I did not get a prescription from a doctor, but from an online pharmacy. I have been taking it for half a year now with regular refills, and my hair stopped falling out. I am very happy about it.

V. Jackson

I has a minor heart attack at 67, and from then on I have been taking Spironolactone according to my prescription, 100 mg per day. It has made my life much easier, I can walk in the park for hours and not worry about my heart exploding. I would recommend this drug definitely; my wife is already taking it too.


My problem is high BP, and I am 50 years old. I started with too big a dose, and I think it was a mistake. I had dizziness and weakness all the time, my productivity really decreased. I had to consult my doctor and make him lower the dose to 50 mg per day, and now everything is back to normal.


I decided to try this drug because I started balding at the age of 30. Kinda early for a man, I was naturally very embarrassed. So I told my wife I will be taking heart pills, but I was secretly hoping it can reverse my balding. And it did! The hairs started growing more after 2 months of taking it Awesome result!


I am 56 and hypertension has been a bit of a problem for some years now. My doctor told me Aldactone could be a good option for me because in the long run it decreases the risk of heart problems. I’ve been taking it for half a year now, and I can’t complain – no side effects.